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Lesson Planning for Sales

Ed Kisman, Advisor

July 23, 2018

The new school year is fast approaching and many schools will begin their annual preparations in early August. As they prepare for their new student base and adjust from this past year, it is equally important for you and your team to be prepared to meet the needs of your customer base.

In recent years, a new vocabulary and teaching methodology has surfaced. Not to say it means the same in every school or classroom! However, to be successful companies need to adapt and position their solutions to meet learning teaching initiatives that will support personalized learning needs. Your organization may need to tailor your messaging and solutions to support blended learning, personalized learning, project based learning, a flipped classroom, game-based learning or virtual learning. Each of these learning methodologies requires a different approach in marketing and selling your solutions. It is important that Product Management and Marketing position their solutions to be market driven in meeting the school, teacher, and student needs. It is also important for your sales or business development teams to be trained in how your solutions provide value and drive student success in the classroom.

The Fall semester has its challenges and opportunities for both educators and educational solution providers. In most cases, capitol items and solutions have already been budgeted for the school year; however, this is a great time to introduce your solution during the buy/sell cycle for the upcoming year. It is crucial your team identifies the influencers and begin to develop relationships with the internal champions. Understanding the needs of these folks will be important when the decision process begins in early spring. This is also an appropriate time to introduce and fine tune new products with schools and districts.

In many districts, educators do have funds to spend in the first quarter of the school year, but in most cases not enough to hit your sales teams number! However, this is an opportunity if your team positions your solution to meet and support classroom. Your solution needs to be price driven in many cases for their funding pool is limited. This is also an opportune time to introduce supplemental material or new content or solutions to be introduced during their upcoming 2019 budget meetings.

The Fall is also a time to put a face or name to your solution. Email is still a great way to introduce your company and your sales team. However, marketing needs to be sure there is value in your message and the targeted end-user can visualize the success of your solution in their classroom. Marketing strategies and campaigns in the Fall are an effective way to diffuse look alike solutions and differentiate your solution from direct and indirect competition. Remember, your messaging needs to attract and meet the end users needs.

The overall goal in Q1 of the new school year should be :

1. Position your solution to support new learning initiatives and teaching methodologies.

2. Demonstrate how your solution will support and drive student success.

3. Ensure your solution is market driven instead of product driven.

4. Introduce your company, solution, and sales team prior to the buying cycle.

5. Since teachers have limited funding, support schools/districts with the right pricing to help your short-term gains

6. Build the awareness of your organization, solutions, and sales team at all levels of the edu institution you are serving to ensure you will be invited into their decision process.

You have your lesson plan. Now it’s up to you and company to execute it!

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