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Global Expansion in Education

Updated: May 3, 2018

May 2, 2018

Global Education

Michael Campbell, Principal and Founder, Forward Thinking EDU

We are witness to an age of global population explosion. There are more students from Kindergarten to higher education in school today than any other time in human history. It is increasingly difficult for government-based education services to cope with the demands of ever-escalating numbers of students associated with the K-12 age group. It’s no wonder that governments all over the world are encouraging public/private partnerships in education at unprecedented rates. Also, profit-oriented private educational organizations are playing a significant role in providing educational solutions.

The advancements in educational technology have made blended and digital learning a reality globally. These innovative education solutions have increased access to new hardware, software programs and learning opportunities that help manage the business of education, increase engagement in the classroom, and provide access to learners of all socio-economic levels.

Put together, growth in the education market has increased the opportunities like never before. The US educational model is the country of choice for international schools in K-12 education since this can be the doorway to future university-level admission in the United States for their students.

For educational solution providers, charter school operators, and private school owners in the United States and Canada, this is the time to invest in future-oriented ideas to take advantage of expanding opportunities in the international education market. The range of opportunities is immense, especially in alternative education provision (e-learning, software, hardware, private tutoring, supplementary education, international certification services, international student recruitment and provision of consultancy services for school excellence services).

All of this is collectively known as the global education industry, which has an estimated worth of more than $5 trillion. There are some factors that contribute to the stakes involved in the global education industry and magnitude of expanding opportunities in international education markets:

  • $2 billion invested in venture capital educational businesses, representing a 45% increase in the last five years

  • Unprecedented global and regional expansion of international schools

  • Unparalleled access and support from capital providers for global education industry support

  • Active mergers and affiliations between major international and regional education industry players

  • Aggressive educational marketing at the global, regional, and domestic level.

  • Proactive use of educational technology for distant and virtual learning through online tools

  • The emergence of commodity schooling and its marketing as a positional favor for families

  • Favorable policy support by governments in promoting their domestic and international education markets

  • Technological advancements by educational technology providers

  • De-escalation of the NGO and religious organizational based education system

With over 15,000 companies and organizations serving the global education market, it is important to understand some of the key segments and how they assist educators in meeting the needs of students in the international education market:

  • International chain-based private schools (e.g., ARK, GEMS, and Omega schools)

  • Major educational and publishing services (e.g., Pearson, Houghton Mifflin, Cengage, and Follett)

  • Educational technology providers such as HP, MS, Blackboard, etc.

  • Business logic application providers like McKinsey

  • International consultancy providers to global education industry such as Forward Thinking EDU

  • Foundation funds with invisible or obvious alignment with business interests of their owners or fund contributors

  • Interest and lobbying groups that work in the realm of public policy to affect pro-private international education policies

The international educational market offers multiple entry points to individual markets, international schools, public ministry of education schools, and higher education institutions. The strategy and implementation of how you approach these markets can vary from country to country. Educational solution providers should consult with experienced professionals familiar with the targeted market before entering a new country marketplace.

The team at Forward Thinking EDU can provide your organization with the information, strategy, and execution as your company or school expands globally. Our experienced advisors and partners, such as George DeBakey (DeBakey International) have worked with government officials, school operators, and university personnel to help drive the introduction of educational products that increase the success of students. Contact us to find out how we can help you succeed with new opportunities globally.


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