As a leader in P–12 and Higher Education product marketing, we take pride in collaborating with educational companies and institutions to offer strategic sales and marketing, product management, and alliance building. Our Advisors bring a deep understanding of the P–12 and higher education markets. So not only do you get a strategic point of view, our firm brings with it multiple perspectives from across the education industry. Your firm can take advantage of the expertise of executives from firms big and small, as well as educators who have transitioned into the business of education. 


When you partner with Forward Thinking EDU, we will:

  • Each engagement begins with a discovery session - progress begins with asking questions.

  • Help you define your scope, goals, and positioning, before we begin to execute

  • Provide an overview of the market landscape

  • Collaborate to provide market definition for your product or solution

  • Engage with your management team to build business plans, innovation solutions, and pricing models

  • Build use scenarios that include buyer and user personas, position, and the buying process

  • Update or write marketing plans in concert with product development roadmaps

  • Engage social media marketing tools to drive awareness and lead generation

  • Provide a world class marketing team that can add value across your organization, managing resources and priorities.

  • Work with key market research teams to develop research that proves the effectiveness of your solution and supports your marketing messaging.

  • Provide sales process development and business development support.

  • Research education funding opportunity including grants from the private and public sector.

  • Inform you of the latest in government regulations that affect the education sector.

Our Advisors

The skilled team at Forward Thinking EDU provides organizations experience, innovation and collaborative consultations.  Our market-driven model helps companies achieve better-than-market results.

Michael Campbell, Founder and Principal Advisor

Ellen Cleary Ruane, Advisor

Ed Kisman, Advisor

P.O Box 317

Fox River Grove,

Illinois 60021-0317


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Phone:  (877)380-2785

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